We sat down with Jennifer Larchez of Modern Desert Interiors, and picked her brain on her design secrets and tips on how to get your home ready to sell before you put it on the market. Check out our Q&A below:

How did you get started in the staging business?
In retrospect, it seemed inevitable. But the short answer is I was a Realtor overcome by a passion for design as I guided sellers to prepare their homes. Not everyone is visual– I am. I realized there was a demand and a need for my staging talents, which admittedly have been a bit of an obsession. I used to drive my husband crazy, constantly switching out our furniture and décor, going for bigger, grander ideas.  Now our house is empty because everything is in other people’s homes!

Favorite places for home and design inspiration?
My new favorite is Instagram. There are so many great designers on there, it’s almost the only place I go now.

What is a key differentiator between you and other staging companies?
Each house is an individual to me. I don’t do the cookie cutter thing, and put the same items in every home. Whatever the energy of the home is—traditional, modern, rustic—I treat it as a unique individual. If I don’t have the right pieces in my warehouse, then I’ll go out, find them, and buy them. If it’s a
grand entrance that needs a certain piece of art, for example, I’m going to hunt for that artwork, not just pull something from my stock.  And because I spent years as a Realtor in the luxury properties market, I know the elements that help close a deal.

What rooms are most critical for people to stage if on a budget?
Focus on the main common area of your home—the kitchen/living/or dining space—as well as the master bedroom.  You want potential buyers to have a “wow” moment when they walk in. And the furniture you select should be proportionate to the size of the room so you don’t end up skewing the scale with an over-sized or undersized couch, for instance.

What is your design style?
I like minimal, clean lines. Modern mixed with organic elements like natural wood to warm the space.

One tip people can easily do to make their home or one room look staged?
You’ve heard this before, but it’s so true: Definitely remove all the clutter, the little knickknacks and personal photos.

Why is staging so important when someone is getting their home ready to sell?
People are there to visualize the home as theirs. They need to see the home as a clean canvas, and feel an energy flowing through the rooms, and speaks to them. That’s why I use neutral, soft colors and make sure the furniture fits the space and isn’t crowded—to create a good flow.

How do you know when you’re finally “done” staging a room?
I can’t leave until I feel it. I’ll keep moving around a few pieces—a vase or a pillow—until that “got it” button clicks and the colors and flow are just right. [Laughs] And then I don’t want to leave the room because I just want to hang out!

Tell us about your services and where can people find you?
I offer design staging services and consultations for vacation rentals, occupied properties and vacant homes.  My website is, or people can reach me at to learn more about my services.